2012 Team

Alec Donahue

Team Captain and Coach

Alec is our fearless team leader and coach. He is the "A" in JAM and one of the most feared racers in all of New England. When he isn't intimidating the competition with his vascularity, he can be found at his Cycle-Smart desk where he helps all manor of clients achieve their cycling goals.

Mukunda Feldman

Team Manager

Mukunda is the "M" in JAM and has been running the team for the last several years. An avid Cat 1 road and cyclocross racer, he has been racing for longer than he wants to admit. When he isn't riding or racing he is running a small but growing coffee empire. His cafes, Northampton, Amherst and Greenfield Coffee as well a new project in Boston, Barrington Coffee Fort Point, employ several of the JAM riders and keep the whole team well caffeinated.


Jeremy Durrin

One of the First JAM kids and a Umass Cycling alum, Durrin stayed in the Pioneer Valley after College to train and race with the team. Over the last couple of years he has developed into a strong regional rider and a podium contender at national level Cyclocross races. This past year Durrin had a tremendous Cyclocross season and JAM was able to help him travel to Europe and race several World Cup Cyclocross races.

Watch Durrin's Cycling Dirt video's here.

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Anthony Clark


Anthony is the kid that Powers found out on the road one day and couldn't drop on a tough climb by our home town despite the face that Anthony was in cutoff shorts, riding a 35lb bike, and riding platform pedals. Anthony talked the whole way up the climb and even though Jeremy kept going harder and harder he couldn't shake him. That was several years ago and Anthony is still talking non-stop and tearing up the climbs, just now he is on a sub 16lb Focus.

Check out his Cyclingdirt videos here.

Mike Busa

Mentor and Advisor

Busa is equally at home "teaching the children" or solo-ing off the front of local races. A PHD student at Umass and veteran racer Mike runs team meetings, helps with the coaching, and is equally happy leading out a sprint or showing the kids how it's done like he did at Myles Standish this year where he held off a charging pack to take the teams first win of the year.

Evan Huff

Evan is an all round all-star. When he isn't holding down his desk at Bikereg.com or jamming on guitar, Evan is quickly becoming the team's #1 sprinter and a top Cyclocross tallent. He also has the best smile in the peloton.

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Sean McCarthy

Sean moved to the Pioneer Valley from New Mexico to ride and race with the team. He is a talented all-rounder who can climb and TT well and mixes it up in every race he enters. Last year we even got him to try cyclocross and we won't be surprised if he ends up on some cross podiums this year. When he isn't riding his team Focus Cayo around Sean can be found working with Mukunda managing the Cafe's warehouse or at his desk crushing numbers as the Cycle-Smart Administrative Director.

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Brad Warren

Bradley "V-Neck" Warren is our quiet and stylish sprinter. Originally from Fitchburg and a Umass Grad. Brad came up through the NCC. While he is still settling into his post-graduate life as a chemical engineer, Brad continues to race and throw-down, this spring he is has been reading races better than ever before and consistently making the breaks and racing for the win.

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Jackson Webber

"Teach" or "Webb-Star" as he is affectionately known, Jackson moved to Easthampton this year exactly equi-distant from Jeremy's house and Al and Mukunda's house. A committed racer and a teacher in the Holyoke School system, Jackson brings perspective, well english, and a sharp set of climbing legs to the team.

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Frances Morrison

Frances is an original JAM girl who has made the transition to fulltime member of the team and pillar of the local cycling community. When she isn't smashing Crits, winning local mountain bike races, or shredding on her cyclocross bike, she can be found leading the NCC junior cyclocross series in Look Park, and managing Northampton Coffee.

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Victoria Gates

2012 JAM Grant Recipient

Victoria is a super talented and committed junior who was brought onto the program last year. At just 14 years old she juggles school and racing with surprising grace and is excelling at both! Last year in she raced and won in the women's 3/4 cyclocross field and took 5th place in the junior 15-16 National Championships. This year she hopes to continue to grow and develop as a Cyclocross and Mountain Bike racer.

Check out a great article about Victoria from the local paper here.



Tom Sampson

Tom is a budding enduro star who has shown his talents in past years competing in MTB World Cups, and winning XC races across the country. Tom has an impressive background in alpine skiing, and this season he made the transition to a full time cyclist. We look forward to seeing Tom realize the natural ability he possesses.

Christina Birch

Christina races for JAM on the cross squad splitting her time between the lab at MIT and UCI races. Christina competed at Nature Valley this summer, which put her head to head with the best in the world. Watch out for this rising star in the next two seasons.

Stephen Hyde

Stephen comes to the team through a connection with our beloved Rodrigo. Stephen is a former BMX kid from Pensacola who travels the country in search of the raddest races, and any opportunity to show off his cowboy hat. Arguably the best tattoos on the team, and someone that will make road trips unforgettable.










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Rudy Project


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